Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoot for the stars, or the bullseye 108 stories below.

As you look down over the Vegas strip, the breeze from the high winds, to your right is a amusement ride as a simple wave is shared just about 1000 feet in the air, you realize reality. The feeling of your feet halfway off the blue platform, rush. 40 mph down to the bulls eye. Living one hell of an adventurous life I must say...And I'm all about it.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Well, I must say I am TERRIBLY sorry for not keeping up with my blog. Let me explain.

A New Relationship.

Well, as the title goes, the relationship I'm talking about is my new computer. I have waited years and years for this, a Mac. Oh you glorious Mac, show me the ways!

SO, whats going on now is I am making the transition from Windows to Mac. Having worked with Mac's before, I'm not drowning as some people might be when they first change, but I am drowning in all the amazing things it has to offer. I LOVE IT!

But the main reason I got this new computer was to be able to edit in HD video format. I tried to edit on my laptop but there was no way it was going to work. Wouldn't process it worth a hoot!!!!

But now I'm ready to go!
I got my YOUtube channel up and running so I will def. keep on posting my vlogs and other videos I put together.!!!

Till next time, keep the film a rolling!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well well well, might I say hello! My apologies I haven't typed in awhile.
Yes, I have been packed with a overly full schedule. It has been amazing.
But that is not the reason why I haven't blogged my events. Let me explain...

So one day I was looking at the different settings for Blogger. Then I got interested in what the Language menu contained. Just not even looking I just scrolled down and hit a random one.
Of course it had to be in some scribble language.

Having NO IDEA what to do, hinting I couldn't read ANYTHING it was saying!!!!! So I start clicking away hoping that the language screen will come up. NEGATIVE.

A little time passes...

To end the story, I went back on tonight and moved the pointer over different menus. All to find at the bottom of the screen it said what i was hovering English! woo hoo, back on track.

All I can say to end, if I went to that country I would prob not go far. hah.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Greetings! Just wanted to post my latest photo shoot. It was for Chris Davis. He is a guitar instructor at Mary's Music Store in Clarksville, TN. Here is a few of the photos. Of course you can view them all at my website, . Here are a few links!
Chris's Site's.

Mary's Music Store

At the moment I am setting up an official price list for my photo shoots. Will be posting it soon. If you have any questions about it, please email me at .

Take care!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The title says all. With the end of October, I thought I had it easy for a second. NEGATIVE!!! Why in the world would I ever think that ?!?! Let's have a show and tell of what I have been up to!
I am the kind of person that gets a simple pleasure of filling up my gas tank with a few bucks and taking a long country road and blasting some great rock and roll music. While I do this, I am searching, searching for that next sight that calls for a break pedal and grabbing my pal, the ole' Nikon.
One day, I was on one of these drives. I noticed an a-frame building coming up on my left. Come to notice, it's a cute little country cafe! Wasn't too hungry at the moment, thought just might stop by on the way back through. And man, did I!!! One of my new favorite places to eat EVER. Thank you Becky, it was delicious. 2 eggs OM, home fries, bacon, coffee. MmmMMmm

Now, as it is the month of November, I am one of the featured artist at my fantastic place of employment, ARTifacts. Please come down and check this place out. I might be one of the featured artist, but there is a handful of them around the shop!...of course, don't forget the antique and artisan dealers! Come on down!!!! As you can see below, I am pulling together different ways to display my work...let me explain if I must. As you can see, I have a couple of prints in your standard black mat and frame. Then I started to get into clip frames. Clip frames have this slick look to them that you can easily create a modern look in your home. The images really pop! Within the last month, I have been creating with worn cabinet doors and Polaroid canvas creations. You really have to see in person! I love them!
And as always, I have a large, large amount of photo greeting cards. Some of them are specific Clarksville cards, but others include many of my different travel trips I have experience. From the top of the Smokey Mountains, all the way down to San Diego California! New ones always arriving! TILL CHRISTMAS, I WILL BE RUNNING A SPECIAL ON THESE CARDS, BUY 3 GET 1 FREE !!!! As much as I have my brain focused on making greeting cards themselves, people always comment on how they would love to just get a small frame and put it on a shelf, bathroom, fireplace, etc. So if you're were looking for a small gift, grab one of these and a slick frame and tada! A little something for anybody! I have 2 different sizes that run for $2.50 and $3 bucks!
ARE YOU A COFFEE-HOLIC ?!?!?! Or do you know someone who is? Well I have the perfect little section for you!!! Surrounded by vintage mug's and a funky retro coffee server, your sure enough to find that right cup! Vintage Clothing !!! It's ok to look rad at them holiday parties! This quilt is gorgeous. All the ladies are made in different fabrics and colors. You know that quilt lover in your family! It's in fabulous condition! And all of a sudden, I hear bells ring and voices singing Christmas tunes! Check out this amazing vintage X-mas drape! Well, I hope you can come down to !!! I'm sure your eyes will be pleased as nick knacks and hand crafted treasures tap into your vision! As always, take care!!
Next blog, my event photography!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


What a month this has been! All the fall fests, photo shoots, haunted house work, IT'S ALL BEEN A BLAST! So busy and totally worth it!
I just wanted to share some photos of whats been happening recently :)
Brenda and Andy just recently got engaged !!!! Congrats you two!!! They were kind enough to let me be their engagement photographer to capture their chemistry. Are they just adorable or what ?!?!?!
BEWARE! The following 3 photos might be too much for some eyes, but I must explain. As you might know, I have been working the Bikers Who Scare haunted house the past couple of weekends. All volunteer work and the money raised goes to a children's charity. Great cause and loads of fun! So I was thinking one day and decided to call my friend Mary. "Let's do a photo shoot in our costumes." And as it was happening, I realized I WOULD LOVE to do this kind of shoot for anyone! It was loads of fun, and I will just call it themed abstract modeling.

So if you have an idea of some not-your-everyday photo shoot, let me know! I would love to work with it!

Of course, you can visit my website for more of what is shown above. As always, take care and we'll chat again soon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Photo taken at Boyds pumpkin patch of exit 11!
Man, let me tell you what...I LOVE the month of October. It is my favorite indeed! The weather is perfect and it just seems like people are giving off better vibes this time of year. Tho it is my favorite, it's almost the most hectic month for shoots,haunted houses, fall fests everywhere, pumping hunting, costume debating (of course you gotta through in the regular jobs in the week haha) ... SOOO MUCH TO DO!!!....AND I LOVE IT!!!!

So, let me just fill you in on all the things I'm partaking in this year!!!!

On the 10th, I am setting up a booth at the Trinity Episcopal Church Craft Fair in Downtown Clarksville from 10-4. I will have a table with my photography for sale and also I will be setting up a photo booth with fall festive backdrop. There will also be a lot of other neat things going on so come on down and have some fun! Please click the link below for more information!

On the 11th, I have a photo shoot lined up for Brenda :)

On the 16th, it's the opening night for the BIKERS WHO SCARE HAUNTED HOUSE!!!! Last year my friend Mary and I volunteered to scare people and we had so much fun, there is no doubt in my mind that we were going to do it again this year! The dates are the 16th,17th,23rd,24th,30th,31st. With my hectic schedule, I will prob only be able to work it the 16th, 23rd, & 24th. The location is same as last year, in the old carmike 8 cinema on Madison St. in Clarksville TN. And also the money raised goes to a great cause so come on down, help charity, and have a great scare!

On the 17th, my grandparents are having the ever popular fish fry. MMmmMMm...yummy!

On the 23rd & 24th, my work Artifacts is having an amazing craft fair!!! The post below has all the info!!!!!

On the 30th, hallows eve, my favorite show ever Ghost Adventures on the travel channel is hosting their 8 hr. live event so I'll be watching that frame by frame!

And of course, the 31st, favorite holiday. I don't really plan anything for the day, just see where the moon leads me. I know my boyfriend will be playing at the pumpkin patch during the day, then downtown is hosting a trick or treat deal for a while, then when night comes, who knows where I'll be!!!!!

So as you can see, I am VERY busy in this month...I don't think I even posted everything :)
Oh yeah, I do dress up every year, and plan to do so for the rest of my life. You are NEVER too old for Halloween!!!!!
This photo is from the haunted house last year!